Text of report by Burmese opposition radio on 23 July:

It has been learned that a parallel road map criticizing the seven-point road map of the SPDCV State Peace and Development Council has been spreading in Rangoon recently.

The parallel road map began appearing at the Martyr’s Day ceremony held recently 19 July and a political source in Rangoon told DVB Democratic Voice of Burma that the road map called fair and just road map for Burma has been in distribution since.

The parallel road map, which DVB has received a copy, is proposed by Mr Leon de Riedmatten, the Rangoon representative of UN secretary-general’s special envoy Mr Razali Ismail, and contains eight pages. Mr Leon begins
his introduction by stating that the new proposal, which is acceptable by all parties, is presented since the democratic forces internally and internationally could not accept the one-sided road map sponsored by the SPDC. Basically, the alternate proposal pointed out the individual weaknesses of the seven-point road map proposed by SPDC Prime Minister Gen Khin Nyunt and explained in detail the proposal of the new road map. In particular, the SPDC should amend the procedures of the National Convention and open the door for the participation of the National League for Democracy and the ethnic groups in the National Convention process.

At the same time, the proposal provided detailed explanations on how the international community should lift the restrictions, including the economic sanctions, step by step if the SPDC make the proposed changes and how the carrot and stick approach should be applied if the SPDC comply with the proposal.