Human rights education group yesterday accused Burmese government trying to lengthen the dictatorial system by adding seven steps ‘road map’ in “Human Rights” curriculum.

Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB) made a statement yesterday that Burmese government was insincere in formulating the first ever curriculum of Human Rights for high school students which came out last month.

“Teaching ‘Road Map’ has no relation to human rights. By doing that, I believe that Burmese government is forcing the students to accept their ‘road map’ using the name of Human Rights education”, said Aung Myo Min, director of HREIB.

Burmese government in August has drawn up a curriculum for “Ethical teaching and Human Opportunities” to teach in 8th and 9th grades. In the curriculum government included their seven steps ‘road map’ with the title of ‘Towards the Peaceful and Develop Nation’.

Aung Myo Min also pointed out using the name of ‘Human Opportunities’ instead of ‘Human Rights’ was a human rights abuse excluding the rights concerning government duties in Universal Human Rights Declaration.

“The meaning of ‘human opportunities’ is different from the meaning of equalities in human rights. As the ‘opportunity’ is different for individuals in different situations, the use of word ‘Human Opportunities’ itself is a human rights abuse,” said Aung Myo Min.

Being under pressure by international community for human rights abuses, Burmese government decided to teach Human Rights for the first time in high schools.

Burmese Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt announced seven step ‘road map’ on August 30 last year claming the way to democratic changes in Burma in response to the international pressure after arrest of Nobel laureate opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. But, the ‘Road Map’ was opposed by the
democratic oppositions by boycotting the reconvening of ‘National Convention’ which was the first step in announced ‘road map’.