Burma’s most respected and elderly author Ludhu Daw Ama (Ahma, Amar) was one of the first people to have put her signature to the petition demanding the release of all political prisoners including Aung San Suu Kyi and recently detained 88 Generation Student leaders and urged others to do the same.

Ama, who is in her early 90s, added that student leaders such as Min Ko Naing should be immediately released as he had been imprisoned for more than 14 years. She also insisted that the students are neither involved in any efforts to destabilise the country nor terrorist activities as claimed by the state-run newspapers published yesterday.

“In Mother’s (my) opinion, they (the military authorities) are telling fibs. They (the students) are not people to do that kind of thing. I think they should not be detained. The news we are hearing is not good. Mother wants them to be released immediately. They are talented people. They haven’t committed any crime,” she said. “In Mother’s country, the sooner we could solve problems through dialogue, the better. If we are tardy, the country will suffer. That’s all Mother wants to say.”

Veteran journalist Ama with her late husband Ludhu U Hla opposed the British colonial rule and successive military dictatorships and paid dearly for their fights for truth and human rights. In April this year, she also told the people of Burma to ‘explode’.

“Our country tends to explode from unexpected places. Only then would the camp be dismantled. That’s what I think. I think we have to explode,” said Ama from her home in central Burma’s Mandalay. “You can’t just despair, my sons (children). You have to do something. We have to find a way by public (movement) means to do things needed to be done. If you don’t do that nothing will happen. They will go on like that.”

In response to her call and example, Burmese people inside, outside the country are enthusiastically supporting the campaign by putting their signatures to the petition.