Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Five leading activists detained at the end of September by the  Burmese military regime were freed early Thursday. (more…)

Yangon: Myanmar’s opposition National League for Democracy on Thursday urged the UN Security Council to support a US draft resolution calling for democratic reform in this military-ruled nation. (more…)

A delegation from the Karen National Union’s 7th Brigade returned on Thursday from a meeting with Burmese officials in Rangoon, who said that the ruling junta would withdraw troops from some KNU-controlled areas. (more…)

Kunming: Twenty-two methadone clinics are set to open in southwest China’s Yunnan Province in response to rising drug addiction and the spread of HIV/AIDS in the region. (more…)

Cebu: Southeast Asian countries will not step in to defend Myanmar from U.S. attempts to push the United Nations toward declaring Myanmar’s authoritarian rule a threat to regional peace, an official said Thursday. (more…)

Charter will be crucial to dealing with renegade junta (more…)

Bangkok: New York-based Human Rights Watch on Thursday slammed the deteriorating situation in Southeast Asia in 2006, citing the coup in Thailand and a crackdown in Myanmar as damaging rights in the region. (more…)

Beijing: China rejects the intervention of the UN Security Council into the Myanmar issue, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao at a regular press conference on Thursday. (more…)

Indonesian support for the UN Security Council resolution on Burma was looking increasingly unlikely on Thursday, just a day before the UN’s most powerful body looked set to vote on the initiative. (more…)

Human rights groups and a website that covers Burma claim SA could vote against a resolution criticising that country’s human rights record. (more…)