Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

January 15: Burma’s main opposition groups criticized China and Russia for their veto of a US-drafted resolution on Burma in the UN Security Council on Friday. (more…)

January 14, Bangkok: Myanmar has claimed victory after the veto of a UN resolution urging democratic reforms in the military-ruled nation, which analysts warn could embolden the repressive junta. (more…)

January 14, Yangon: Myanmar’s military government thanked China and Russia on Sunday for vetoing a draft resolution on Myanmar the United States tabled Friday at the U.N. Security Council, hailing the vetoes. (more…)

Top Burmese military leader senior general Than Shwe, who recently spent nearly two weeks in a Singapore hospital, appeared on state-run TV yesterday quashing rumours he was seriously ill. (more…)

Yangon:  A parcel bomb that exploded at a Yangon post office, injuring a postal worker, was addressed from an embassy and to the national police headquarters, state media said Tuesday. (more…)

A group of activists attending a regular Tuesday prayer vigil for political prisoners at Shwedagon pagoda today were beaten by special police. (more…)

January 15, Stockholm: Activists from Myanmar, India and Zimbabwe will share this year’s World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child, organizers announced Monday. (more…)

Beijing: China National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s top oil producer, has signed a major resource exploration deal with Myannar, state media reported. (more…)

January 14, Yangon: China’s southwestern Yunnan province has asked neighbouring Myanmar to loosen visa rules for Chinese merchants to boost trade between the countries, the Myanmar Times newspaper reported Sunday. (more…)

January 14, Cebu: Southeast Asian nations said Sunday they must take responsibility for handling Myanmar, after it escaped US-led pressure from the UN Security Council over its human rights record. (more…)

January 15, Cebu: Despite being frustrated by the slow pace of democratic reforms in Burma, its Southeast Asian neighbours have started to shift their attention to the humanitarian “crisis” plaguing the military-ruled country. (more…)

January 13, United Nations: China and Russia vetoed an American-drafted resolution on Friday calling for the military rulers of Myanmar to release all political prisoners, cease attacks on ethnic minorities and speed a transition to democracy. (more…)

Washington: The United States expressed deep disappointment Friday over the vetoes of its UN draft resolution on Myanmar, saying the text would have been a “powerful tool” in efforts to end the suffering of the military-ruled country’s people. (more…)

January 14: South Africa’s decision to join China and Russia in voting against a United Nations Security Council’s resolution – calling on the military junta in Myanmar to stop human rights abuses including ethnic killings, rapes and forced labour – has been questioned by the official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). (more…)

Russia and China’s vetoes of a Security Council resolution explain the generals’ intransigence (more…)

UN has failed Myanmar yet again, so to say, as is evident from the way it has side-stepped a censure motion brought forward by the US this week. (more…)

January 15:  Indonesia’s decision not to support a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution against Myanmar came as a disappointment to those hoping to see the promotion of democracy as a feature of Indonesian diplomacy. (more…)