Anti-Chinese sentiment has been spreading among Burmese people since China vetoed the UN Security Council resolution on Burma earlier this month, reported a trader and politician from Arakan who came to Bangladesh yesterday.

“Most Burmese people are unsatisfied with China as it used a veto on the Burma resolution in the UN Security Council,” he said, adding that there may be attacks against Chinese interests or Chinese people in Burma in the near future.

In Burma, most Burmese people supported the resolution of Burma’s current issues being solved through the UN Security Council because there is so little hope for change or progress with the current political dilemma. People were extremely disappointed that Russia and China used their vetoes on the UN Security Council resolution on Burma.

The people of Burma believe that China and Russia used their veto purely out of their own economic interests and business with the Burmese dictators and not out of concern for the common Burmese people. This is also a betrayal of the principles of communism by the Chinese government, the politician added.

He said that communist governments have more respect for ordinary people than dictatorships, but practically speaking, the Chinese government supports the military junta over the people of Burma.

Meanwhile, many organizations, including business and cease-fire groups in Burma have denounced the U.S. and Britain as the two countries behind the Burmese resolution at the UNSC.

The trader said that the statements did not reflect the truth and that a number of organizations were pressured by military authorities to denounce the two countries in state-run newspapers. Many organizations in fact welcomed the Burma resolution, despite their statements to the contrary.

National politician U Win Naing said in an interview with BBC recently that some of his colleagues are considering boycotting Chinese goods in Burma after the neighboring country used its veto. China lost support and credibility among Burmese people after the UNSC vote.

Another source said that not only the common people but also monks are dissatisfied with the Chinese veto, and there is a chance that untoward incidents involving Chinese people will happen in Burma in the near future.