A teashop owner from Kyaukse township in Mandalay Division has been arrested for writing and distributing a booklet of Valentines Day poems last month.

Cynthia teashop owner Ko Kyaw Thu Moe Myint wrote a small book of poems to mark Valentines Day last month and distributed copies for free to his friends and family. Two of the 11 poems included referred to independence hero general Aung San.

Shortly after, Ko Kyaw Thu Moe Myint was summoned by the Kyaukse township chairman and was forced to sign a statement saying he would never publish and distribute his own work again. His family told DVB they thought that would be the end of the matter.

But on March 26, Ko Kyaw Thu Moe Myint was arrested and detained at the Sinkhaing detention centre.

“He is being sued by the media control body because he published the book without getting permission first. He distributed them free of charge-not for sale. He did it for the joy of lovers’ day. I don’t know what he has infringed upon,” one of his family members said.

Township officials were repeatedly unavailable for comment yesterday.