April 25: Imagine having to flee your home country and live in a refugee camp for years, maybe even decades.

And then imagine getting a chance to leave the camp and resettle in a country when you don’t speak the language and haven’t ever seen an elevator, a toilet or even a door.

For most in the Western world, this kind of situation is beyond comprehension, but for the Karen people of Burma it has become a common occurrence, says Amnesty International Comox Valley (AICV).

One of the world’s most secretive countries, Burma (officially called Myanmar) is ruled by a military junta that AICV says has created camps that contain more than 20,000 refugees who need to be resettled. The Canadian government is in the process of admitting more than 2,000 Karen refugees from those camps and relocating them across the country, says AICV.

Voices from Burma, a live presentation sponsored by Amnesty International Comox Valley, will give local residents the chance to hear Karen refugees tell their stories about life in Burma and the obstacles they encounter as they try to fit into a new country.

The presentation will take place April 28 at 7 p.m. in the Filberg Centre’s Rotary Hall. There will be an hour’s presentation and then a chance for questions and discussion. Admission is by donation. Light refreshments will be served.