A solo protester was arrested by police in Rangoon yesterday afternoon as he was staging a demonstration against the Burmese military junta, stated a report.

The solo protester was identified as U Own Than, a former politician who was also arrested in a similar demonstration in February of this year. His protest started in front of Thein Gyi Zee market in downtown Rangoon around 1pm yesterday.

U Own Than held a poster during the demonstration that demanded reform of political systems throughout the country in bold Burmese lettering.

On the poster U Own Than had written, “Today people desire”, with a list of several demands written below. Those demands are: To recognize the 1990 election result, to convene parliament under UN supervision, to have the opportunity of self-determination for all individuals, and to remove the military dictator.

A witness said U Own Than was arrested by plainclothes police just five minutes after his solo demonstration began.

U Own Than has been arrested by the Burmese military five times since 1988 for his political work in Burma.

It has also been learned that this is the second arrest of protesters this week in Rangoon. Last Sunday eight people were arrested by the military authority as they were protesting against the prevailing economic hardship in the country.