Well-known activist and National League for Democracy member Su Su Nway was hospitalised this afternoon after collapsing during a protest in Rangoon’s Hledan township.

Eyewitnesses said Su Su Nway was seen arguing with special police and government supporters as they arrested more than 10 other activists for taking part in the protest against high fuel prices. She was seen collapsing shortly afterwards.

“Su Su Nway has now been submitted to a hospital on Mahabandoola Garden street . . . One of the people who was with her at the protest took her in a car,” an eyewitnesses said.

It is unclear why the special police chose not to arrest Su Su Nway along with the other activists but bystanders said they saw the police brutally beating the arrested protestors as they were driven away in a truck.

Eyewitnesses also said that several bystanders who tried to intervene in the arrests were also taken into custody and beaten. The protestors were believed to also have been involved in the demonstrations along Shwegondine road last week.

After the activists were arrested and driven away, two trucks carrying government supporters arrived at the scene of the protest to break up the large crowds that had gathered to watch.