Goods from Burma bound for India are piling up on the Indo- Burma border after Indian authorities closed the Indo-Burma trade road (2) in August this year. Businessmen are suffering heavy losses as a result.

Following a tip-off that opium and ammunition are likely to be trafficked from Burma to India, the police superintendent of Champhai district in Mizoram state, India on August 20 ordered the closure of the Indo-Burma border trade road (2) for two months.

The Indo-Burma border trade road (2) links Zokhuathar in Mizoram state, India to Kalay town in Sagaing division through Tedim in Chin state, Burma.

“The storerooms on the Burma side are overflowing with goods said to be valued at Kyat 20,000,000 (US $ 15,267),” a local on the Indo-Burma border said.

“We want the border to be opened as soon as possible. There is no more space for the goods as all the storerooms near Tio river are full,” a trader from Burma on the border said.

Traders are worried that the goods will be damaged in the rains that have been heavy and frequent on the Indo-Burma border areas.

Moreover, the storeroom owners are charging traders between Kyat 2,000 to Kyat 5,000 a day for keeping the goods.  The amount depends on the number of goods stored.

A minimum of 100 traders from Burma are engaged in business activities along the Indo-Burma border trade road (2) to Mizoram state daily.

In order to promote border trade between India and Burma, both governments signed an agreement on reconstruction of the Indo-Burma border trade road (2) in 2003. However, local authorities in Mizoram state, occasionally close the road to stop drugs and ammunitions from Burma entering Mizoram.