August 2007

Pro-democracy activists, students, Buddhist monks, and citizens who are simply fed up with the ruling military junta in Burma have been staging impromptu protests since Aug. 19, when the cancellation of fuel subsidies sent prices soaring. (more…)

The suppression of the current protests in Burma offer a vivid flashback to 1988 for those of us who witnessed the nationwide uprising that resulted in the present regime taking power. (more…)

Outgoing Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin’s recent trip to Burma to meet with top-level military figures in the ruling junta there was misguided at best, and wholly inappropriate at worst. (more…)

My dictionary defines a millipede as a “small crawling creature with many legs”. That describes British foreign policy, and the civil servants who implement it, perfectly. Crawling, because it inches along slower than the Number 52 bus in rush hour. (more…)

I strongly condemn the ongoing actions of the Burmese regime in arresting, harassing, and assaulting pro-democracy activists for organizing or participating in peaceful demonstrations. These activists were voicing concerns about recent dramatic increases in the price of fuel, and their concerns should be listened to by the regime rather than silenced through force. (more…)

Campaign actions calling on the EU Presidency to increase pressure on
Burma¹s dictatorship took place in at least 14 countries across Europe
today, including UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic,
Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Norway, Italy, Netherlands and

Twelve elected members of parliament staged a peaceful protest in Mandalay this afternoon in a show of solidarity with the detained leaders of the 88 Generation Students group.

A group of about 25 people marched through the Mandalay town of Kyaukpadaung this morning, protesting fuel price hikes and calling for the release of political prisoners in Burma.

A group of pro-democracy protesters detained in military-ruled Myanmar launched a hunger strike Thursday, demanding that authorities provide medical treatment for a wounded colleague, activists said.

Photographs of 88 generation student leaders, who are still at large, have been circulated and arrest warrants issued by the Burmese military junta in Rangoon.

Myanmar’s military junta tightened the net around leaders of a rare string of protests on Thursday, raiding homes of known activists and their friends and distributing their photographs in a Yangon-wide manhunt.

Burmese households are being urged in an anti-regime pamphlet campaign to protest noisily on three evenings in September by banging pots and pans.

Over the past 10 days, military-ruled Burma has been hit by a wave of small, peaceful protest marches by defiant activists and citizens infuriated by a sharp increase in rationed fuel prices. But the regime has moved swiftly and aggressively to prevent these acts of defiance from gathering momentum, using thugs to snuff out the protests and haul the participants away. (more…)

Burma’s military government has ordered local officials and hotels to be on the look-out for key pro-democracy activists as it tries to squash unusually persistent protests sparked by fuel price hikes, an official said on Thursday.

With government-backed gangsters taking charge of security, ‘Burma is under Thug’s rule’ according to veteran Burmese politician U Win Naing, who today appealed to the international community to come to the protection of the Burmese people.

The grind of everyday life, fear of being beaten up and a lack of belief in people power as a weapon against a ruthless military junta suggest a string of protests in Myanmar will not snowball into a mass uprising. (more…)

The Shan State Army (SSA) South leader Col Yawdserk, while  “heartily” welcoming the outgoing Thai Amy commander-in-chief Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin’s acceptance of Pyinmana’s request “to do everything he could to encourage the rebel groups to come to the table,” according to Bangkok Post, has stated his terms for negotiations with the junta. (more…)

Rare protests against the military regime in Myanmar have not so far hit the country’s small but growing tourism industry, government and industry officials said Thursday.

More than 200 poultry died early this week in Mae Surin, a Karenni temporary refugee camp in Mae Hong Son, causing officials to suspect a bird flu outbreak and cull other birds, according to the camp’s health department. (more…)

Believing it ASEAN’s responsibility as an international organization, and labeling the situation in Burma a threat to regional peace and security, a consortium of 23 organizations and individuals have drafted a letter calling for the immediate intervention of ASEAN onto the Burma scene. (more…)

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