Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

September 27 – Reports from Burma say the security forces have raided monasteries in the main city of Rangoon and elsewhere as they try to stop more anti-government protests. (more…)

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Burmese soldiers getting ready to shoot at Monks

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today he is sending his Special Envoy dealing with Myanmar to the region in response to the deteriorating situation in the Asian nation, and once again urged authorities there to respond to the ongoing peaceful protests with utmost restraint. (more…)

The government of Myanmar began a violent crackdown today after tolerating more than a month of ever-larger protests in cities around the country, clubbing and tear- gassing protesters, firing shots into the air and arresting hundreds of the monks who are at the heart of the demonstrations. (more…)

Rangoon – Police and soldiers at barricades beat monks and laymen back from the east gate of the Shwedagon Pagoda with batons and tear gas twice Wednesday afternoon, leaving at least five people dead, including monks, a former high-level government official said.

Burmese security forces fired directly on protesting monks and other demonstrators in Rangoon on Wednesday, reportedly killing five monks and one woman in separate Rangoon clashes, according to unconfirmed reports. (more…)

Noted pro-democracy politician Win Naing was arrested overnight at his home in Yangon, a friend and a western diplomat said Wednesday, as Myanmar’s junta tightened security around the country.

Yangon, Myanmar – Myanmar’s government said security forces opened fire Wednesday on demonstrators who failed to disperse, killing one person, and witnesses said police beat and dragged away dozens of Buddhist monks in the most violent crackdown against the protests that began last month in Myanmar. (more…)

The monks’ massive protest marches across Burma are now openly challenging the generals in power

At least 17 Buddhist monks were injured when Myanmar security forces violently dispersed their peaceful anti-junta protest Wednesday, witnesses said. (more…)

Akyab: For the first time yesterday, the Muslim community joined a protest led by monks in Akyab after five major demonstrations broke out in the Arakan State’s capital, Burma since August 28, said a resident. (more…)

Myanmar’s swelling protests are in the global spotlight with the help of hi-tech gadgets in the era of YouTube — a stark contrast to the 1988 uprising in the pre-Internet age.

Spurning criticism that the non-Burmans are merely watching while the confrontation between Burma’s ruling generals and the Buddhist monk’s snowballs, the Burma-based Ethnic Youth Network Group (EYNG) said it has been involved in the protests since the beginning. (more…)

The Burmese military junta is now desperate to stop information of the turmoil in the country filtering out to the rest of the world. It has blocked some domestic blogs today at about 6 p.m. to restrict and stop free flow of information. (more…)

Leading Burmese dissidents urged on Wednesday the Thai government and the international community to prepare for the possible influx of refugees in case of bloody clashes between authorities and prodemocracy demonstrators in Burma.

Humanitarian workers at the Thai-Burmese border are preparing themselves for a flow of refugees from the violent government crackdown on demonstrations in Rangoon and Mandalay. (more…)

While the United States has hit the generals ruling Myanmar with fresh sanctions, the junta can confidently look to their Asian neighbours for financial support as they hold on to power, analysts said. (more…)

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