Authorities in Burma were detaining a journalist reporting for a Japanese newspaper for the third day Sunday, his family members said.

Min Zaw, a Burmese national working for The Tokyo Shimbun, was taken from his home early Friday by plainclothes security personnel who said he would be held temporarily for questioning.

Family members said his mobile telephone was taken away but he was allowed to bring a change of clothing with him as well as medicine. Min Zaw, 56, suffers from diabetes and hypertension.

The Foreign Correspondents Club of Myanmar [Burma], which includes two dozen Burmese journalists officially accredited to foreign media organizations, Saturday sent a letter to the government asking for Min Zaw’s early release, citing his medical problems.

Family members said Min Zaw was reporting on the ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations against the military regime in Burma, and was not involved in any political activity.

Min Zaw is the son-in-law of Sein Win, one of Burma’s most respected journalists. The former publisher and editor of The Guardian newspaper, Sein Win later worked for The Associated Press and now reports for Japan’s Kyodo News Agency.

Several Burmese journalists working for publications in Rangoon have been beaten up by police and soldiers while attempting to cover the demonstrations, but there have been no reports of other reporters being detailed.

The month-long protests climaxed last week with as many as 100,000 calling for an end to 45 years of military rule. The government says 10 people have been killed in the demonstrations but some activist groups place the death toll at 200 or more.