Burmese students attending universities in Bangkok staged a demonstration on Saturday at the Burmese Embassy to show their solidarity with fellow countrymen who want an end to the military regime’s brutal rule.

More than 50 Burmese students marched with placards saying “Stop Killing Right Now,” “Free Aung San Suu Kyi” and “We Want Democracy.”

“We totally reject the atrocious beatings and killings committed by the military regime,” Zau Aung, a Kachin student at Assumption University, told The Irrawaddy. “We demand the military regime stop the killing right now.”

“They are a so-called government but they fail to be responsible to the people,” said a senior marketing major at Saint John’s University. “Their management style is that of a terrorist state. They are smart killers and skillful liars who kill innocent people and make bodies disappeared.”

She urged Burmese soldiers who have opened fire on innocent people to think before shooting people who are not their enemies.

“We don’t care about our security by demonstrating here in front of the embassy while our people are being killed by the military regime,” said Soe Nyein, an organizer of the demonstration.

About a dozen security officers from the Thai Special Branch police guarded the embassy which was cordoned off by iron barricades.

The students ended the demonstration after about one hour and then marched to the Chinese Embassy where they held an afternoon demonstration.

“Now, we have to ask [China] what kind of people they are” said Yu Wadi.

China’s support for the junta is unacceptable, he said, especially for a country that wants to host the 2008 Olympics.