The Karen National Union, an ethnic armed rebel group, said it has killed at least four Burmese soldiers when it attacked a Burmese Army convoy, retreating from the frontline, early yesterday morning.

The KNU spokesperson, Pado Mann Sha, said a unit of Battalion 103 of the Karen National Liberation Army, the armed wing of KNU, ambushed the Burmese troops near the Phalu village in Karen State and killed at least four soldiers.

“I don’t know where this battalion will be posted as they have been ordered to move back to base. I don’t know if they will be deployed in Rangoon to kill protesting monks and students. But it is a reinforcement. That’s why our people have attacked them,” Pado Mann Sha told Mizzima.

He added that the Burmese unit’s strength was about 40 and the half an hour battle left three Burmese army officers and a private dead.