Norwegian diplomats met Thursday with a Myanmar army major who said he defected to neighbouring Thailand because he did not want to shoot at civilians and monks, a Norwegian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Bjorn Svenungsen confirmed that the meeting took place at the Norwegian embassy, but declined to offer details or if the Myanmar officer, who in recent interviews was identified as Major Win, had applied for asylum.

The former officer and his son, aged 17, arrived in Bangkok Tuesday after five days on the run from Myanmar.

In recent interviews with Norwegian and Swedish media, they said they hoped to seek asylum in Norway or Sweden.

The Oslo-based opposition radio station Democratic Voice of Burma on Thursday said it had received accounts of new raids on monasteries in the former Myanmar capital Yangon.

Some four to five monks were arrested, the radio station’s news editor Moe Aye said.

The station had also received reports that people were sentenced Thursday to prison and to labour camps.

There was a heavy security presence on the streets of Yangon and no demonstrations were held.

The station, which also broadcasts two hours of television on weekends, said it hoped to increase its programming but was constrained by “not enough resources,” Moe Aye said, adding that at present it broadcasts repeats of its programmes several hours a day.