Sunday, October 28th, 2007

The Burmese crisis coupled with increased international pressure and UN efforts have shaken Thailand’s policy towards Burma to the core. (more…)

Bangkok, 29 October, ( Burmese junta continues with its oppression and torture campaign ignoring the demands of the people of Burma and the International community. It is alleged that they have taken women activists captive and tortured them, including physical beatings and verbal violence. (more…)

Click here to find out more!MANDALAY, Myanmar: Par Par Lay goes to India to seek relief for a toothache. The Indian dentist wonders why the Burmese man has come all that way to see him. (more…)

Moscow – Representative of Myanmar’s military junta, which four weeks ago brutally cracked down on pro-democracy protests led by Buddhist monks, are in Moscow for talks on cooperation with Russian security services, reports said Sunday. (more…)

YANGON, Myanmar: Myanmar’s military government stepped up its propaganda campaign against the United States on Sunday, accusing Washington of inciting last month’s pro-democracy demonstrations in a bid to install a puppet government. (more…)