Sittwe: Cartoons are being used to hit out at the Burmese military junta for its crackdown on Buddhist monk-led demonstrations. Students in Sittwe, capital of Arakan state in Burma are creating cartoon posters and hanging them in the entrance wells of famous Buddhist temples and monasteries, said a student from Sittwe.

The students carried out their protest, drawing and hanging posters, during the night of 29 October. The students pasted many cartoon posters in the entrances of temples and monasteries throughout Arakan State capital.

The posters feature images of such things as the Burma Army killing demonstrating monks, while also including some text written in Burmese.

The students said the writing included in the cartoon posters read, “Buddhaan Tranan Dai Dai,” “Danman Tranan Dai Dai,” and “Thinga Tharanan Dai Dai.” Translated into English, the phrases mean, “Kill all Buddha,” “Kill all Dharma,” and “Kill all Monks.”

The cartoon poster protest surfaced in Sittwe after plans for demonstrations were shelved on 26 and 28 October, when authorities deployed police reinforcements around the city.

People from Sittwe had plans to stage demonstrations on the day of the full moon religious festival, 26 October, but they did not get the chance to hold a demonstration that day, the student said.

Townspeople had also tried to stage a demonstration on 28 October, but that plan was also kept in abeyance.

Authorities in Sittwe have been closely watching some temples and monasteries, including Atula Marazin temple and Aye Zaydi monastery, since the poster protest against the junta.

It was learnt that General Myint Shwe, from the Defence Department in Rangoon, has been given authority over the Burmese Army in Arakan State and is currently staying in Sittwe to monitor and control the situation in the city and other towns of Arakan State.