A ‘Human Rights Watch’ (HRW) report claims over 100 protesters were killed by the SPDC during the bloody crackdown on the Saffron revolution.

This figure appearing in the annual report of the HRW released yesterday is much more than the official figure of the Burmese military junta and the figure declared by the United Nations.

After the Saffron Revolution, Police Director General Khin Yi said at a press conference that 15 people were killed during the demonstrations, but UN Human rights special rapporteur Mr. Paulo Sergio Pinheiro said 31 people were killed during the nationwide protests.

The HRW 2008 annual report is based on the human right situation in 73 countries such as Burma, China, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq and Darfur. It also specially focused on 15 countries which needed attention.

Saffron Revolution photographs appeares on the cover of report and, in its Report on Burma it said that Burma’s military government, notorious for decades of abuse, used deadly force in August and September in response to peaceful protests by monks, pro-democracy activists, and ordinary civilians. Hundreds of people remain arbitrarily detained.

Moreover the military junta ignored criticism by the international community and always said it was foreign intervention. It also always accuses the foreign media and radio of undermining the stability of the nation, the report pointed out.

“They fired at the peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately. Some died on the spot and some died in hospitals. So the total death toll may touch 250 to 300”, said Ashin Gawthita, who took part in the demonstrations and was beaten on the head with a police baton. He has fled to the Thai-Burma border.

The ‘All Burma Monks Alliance’ claimed the total death toll of Sangha (monks) in the Saffron Revolution was three and said that nine more are still missing. The observation was made in its report released on January 26, 2008. The report said that this death toll and missing figure is preliminary a confirmed figure.

The ‘Association of Assistance to Political Prisoners of Burma’ (AAPPB) said in its website www.aappb.org that 22 people were killed during the demonstration. It gave their names and exact location of death. This is also a preliminary confirmed report, the report said.

The AAPPB report which was released on the same day with the HRW annual report says that there are 1850 political prisoners who are still behind bars, of whom, 706 are arrested in connection with the September Saffron Revolution.