March 2008

Detained Nobel laureate and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will not be allowed to stand for election in army-ruled Myanmar because she was once married to a foreigner, its proposed new constitution says. (more…)

Burma’s generals intend to block the Burmese democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, from ever leading her country, according to leaked copies of a new constitution drafted by the country’s military junta. (more…)

Six months after protests in Burma ended in a military crackdown, people describe the atmosphere in the country and their fears for the future. Life has been hard as ever. No change or hope has come yet to us. (more…)

While pro-democracy groups are urging people to boycott the upcoming referendum or vote No, the Burmese authorities have been pressuring people to vote Yes to the new constitution. (more…)

Thingangyun township authorities have arrested six National League for Democracy members in connection with a demonstration in front of the NLD headquarters in Bahan last Thursday. (more…)

By promising to hand over power to a civilian government within two years, Burma’s top general has sparked speculation on the future of the junta that has ruled this country since a military coup in 1962. (more…)

Senior Chinese and Burmese military officials met in Kachin Independence Army (KIA) controlled Laiza today afternoon to discuss security on the Sino-Burma border. (more…)

In an act which is not likely to go down well with democracy activists the world over, the Kachin ceasefire group, Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) in Northern Burma bordering China’s Yunnan province, arrested yesterday two key Tibetan political activists hiding in its controlled area in Laiza, KIO sources said. (more…)

A 10-member technical team from Myanmar arrived in Dhaka Sunday to discuss the redrawing of sea boundaries between Bangladesh and its Southeast Asian neighbour. (more…)

A Myanmar rebel leader killed in February said that his group is fighting for the preservation of the ethnic Karen minority, and for greater freedom throughout the southeast Asian nation. (more…)

India is likely to sign a deal with Myanmar this week to develop a port and build waterways and roads there, an official said on Monday, as New Delhi vies with China for access to Myanmar’s oil and gas reserves. (more…)

The Assets Scrutiny Committee (ASC) will deliberate on the legality of Export-Import Bank of Thailand’s (EXIM) decision to grant loans worth 4 billion baht to Burma while Mr Thaksin Shinawatra was still the prime minister. (more…)

In an apparent indication of India’s success in gaining a foothold in Burma, an agreement for India to develop Sittwe port will be signed during the upcoming visit of Burma’s Vice-Senior General. (more…)

For many years, Myint Thein was one of the few political dissidents in Burma able or willing to allow his name to be attached to the comments about the need for democratic change in a country headed by a régime that rules with an iron fist. As spokesman for the National League for Democracy, the party of the imprisoned political leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Thein regularly met with journalists ­ usually in secret ­ and tried to draw the attention of the outside world to the movement’s struggle. (more…)

Politicians elected to the Burmese parliament in 1990 and then prevented from taking office by the ruling junta issued an appeal to parliamentarians around the world Monday, rejecting the new military-dominated constitution and criticising the United Nations’ “weak” efforts to promote democratic rule. (more…)

When I met U Myint Thein in Rangoon last September, our meeting almost went very badly wrong. I had arranged to meet the spokesman for the National League for Democracy – the party of imprisoned leader Aung San Suu Kyi – at a location in the city that even now better remain unspecified. (more…)

After four-and-a-half decades under military rule, the people of Burma are constantly looking for signs that the country may be ready for a return to democracy. (more…)

The Military Junta’s Sham Constitution Should Be Rejected by the People and Not Recognized by the International Community (more…)

Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said after emerging from a two-hour meeting of the National Security Council on March 28.2008 that the Thai Navy is exploring a deserted island to place the Rohingya refugees living in Thailand. He expressed his intention to show the Rohingyas “life here (Thailand) will be difficult”. He could not show any single point of wrongs or crime that the Rohingyas have ever done in Thailand for which he has decided to banish the entire Rohingya ethnic community in Thailand to a deserted island. (more…)

After four-and-a-half decades under military rule, the people of Burma are constantly looking for signs that the country may be ready for a return to democracy. (more…)

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