April 2009

A year after the devastating cyclone that laid waste large swaths of Burma, more than half a million people are still living in makeshift shacks which are unlikely to withstand the imminent monsoons, according to Save the Children. (more…)

The authorities in Myawaddy have arrested a monk for selling government land to residents, according to locals. (more…)

A human rights lawyer released earlier this week after a serving a sixth-month sentence for contempt of court has said that he was prevented from exercising and receiving medical care. (more…)

The ‘Myanmar Fishery Federation’ has imposed certain restrictions on the domestic media, on media coverage of fishery products and export figures issued by the government Fisheries Department, without getting prior approval from them. (more…)

Outbreaks of severe diarrhea have continued in several towns in Burma, with hospitals now unable to cope with the upsurge in patient numbers and several deaths being reported. (more…)

The US State Department on Wednesday paid tribute to the work of the United Nations and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in helping bring relief to the victims of the 2008 Cyclone Nargis. (more…)

Burma is the worst violator of Internet freedom of speech rights in the world, says a leading media watchdog group. (more…)

World aid for Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis has amounted to 300 million dollars, or 2.5 per cent of what was spent on the 2004 tsunami, aid agencies said Thursday as the first anniversary of the storm approaches. (more…)

IF A few small gold earrings escaped the cyclone the villagers pawn them, otherwise they pawn their clothes. They complain that moneylenders advance only a fraction of the item’s value. And, with an interest rate of 30% a month, they can rarely afford to redeem their collateral. (more…)

Traveling from Rangoon and in the south west direction, less than two hours by car is necessary to realize the extent of damage caused by Cyclone Nargis where more than 138,000 were killed or missing, one year after its passage. But it is by meeting the survivors in the Irrawaddy Delta that one can really realize to what extent the population has been completely forsaken. (more…)

Behind the UN’s all day debate Wednesday on children and armed conflict was the war in Sri Lanka. Radhika Coomaraswamy, a Sri Lankan Tamil acceptable to the Sinhala government, issued a report which in Annex Two criticized only the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam but not the government for denial of humanitarian access. Inner City Press asked Ms. Coomaraswamy if the government too wasn’t guilty of denying humanitarian access. Coomaraswamy admitted that it was, but stated that since the government no longer recruits child soldiers, it engaging in other grave violations does not get listed in the annex. (more…)

The boat’s owner points to a palm-covered bend in the river where dozens of bamboo huts perched on spindly stilts-until Cyclone Nargis devastated this remote region a year ago. (more…)

A tutor who was arrested in March for staging a solo demonstration calling for the release of political prisoners has been sentenced to a year in prison. (more…)

Thein Thein, 43, still can’t restart her small-scale livestock business, which once supported her six-member family, almost one year after Cyclone Nargis. (more…)

Rubber plantation owners in Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State have lost parts of their land and had other parts destroyed to make way for an ongoing road upgrading project along the coastal route between Kyaikami and Set Sae village undertaken by the military. None have so far received any compensation for loss or damage. (more…)

Thai army in Tak province protested against Burma on Wednesday after Burmese soldiers fired the 81-mm mortars into the Thai soil during their clashes with Karen National Union army. (more…)

Burma has agreed to take back 68 Burmese nationals who have been imprisoned in Bangladesh following a meeting between the Burmese government and a Bangladeshi paramilitary border force. (more…)

68 Burmese nationals were able to return home yesterday from Bangladesh after languishing in Bangladesh prisons for many years. (more…)

Foreign investments in Burma’s oil and gas sector pose a risk to companies and lead directly to human rights abuses against civilians, including rape and torture, says a human rights watchdog. (more…)

The United States plans to keep sanctions in place on Myanmar even as it charts a new course with the military regime, a senior White House official said in a letter seen on Tuesday. (more…)

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