Reporters Without Borders reiterates its call for the release of Zarganar, a dissident blogger and comedian who was jailed a year ago today on a charge of disturbing public order. He was given a 45-year jail sentence by special court inside Insein prison last November and then received an additional 14-year sentence a few days later. The combined jail terms were reduced to 35 years on 16 February.

“The sentence alone shows that Zarganar has been subjected to a travesty of justice,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Do you give such a long jail term just for ‘disturbing public order’? The military government had him arrested and then denied him due process because he had become a reliable source of information in a country throttled by censorship and repression.”

The press freedom organisation added: “The conditions in which Zarganar is being held are very bad and his health is deteriorating steadily. These are additional reasons why he must be released.”

Suffering from jaundice and hypertension, Zarganar is not getting access to adequate medical care in Myintkyina prison, to which he was transferred in December.

For further information: Maude Marshall, Reporters Without Borders Canada, (514) 521-4111,