August 2009

YANGON — Myanmar’s detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi plans to renovate her crumbling lakeside home to keep out trespassers, her lawyer said Monday. (more…)

Rathidaung – The victims of a tornado that hit an Arakanese village have not yet received any relief aid from the government authority, even though many houses were severely damaged in the storm that took place a month ago, said one villager. (more…)

NAY PYI TAW — Kokang group of Shan State (North) Special Region 1 led by U Phon Kya Shin returned to the legal on 21 March 1989 and joined hands with the government in implementing regional development undertakings, with Laukkai as the base. At first, the group carried out its activities in accord with the law. Later, it was found that the group was engaged in businesses that were against the law. (more…)

BANGKOK — The Myanmar military has overwhelmed rebels from an ethnic Chinese minority in the northern reaches of the country, the junta’s second victory over armed opponents in three months. (more…)

Fighting between government troops and Kokang militants in northern Myanmar abates. It’s unclear whether the calm is temporary and how China will react to the influx of people fleeing the violence. (more…)

As more than 30,000 refugees return to Burma (Myanmar), key ally China urges Burma to “properly handle domestic problems and maintain stability.” (more…)

Yangon, A ceremony of presenting a bulk of railway carriages by China to Myanmar for use in improving the latter’s rail links was held here Monday. (more…)

New Delhi – Human and sexual trafficking in Burma has been pushed up by economic mismanagement and human rights abuses in the military ruled country, a new report said. (more…)

NAY PYI TAW — The Union of Myanmar and the Republic of Zimbabwe, desirous of establishing friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and norms of international Law in accordance with the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and on Consular Relations, decided to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries at Ambassadorial level with effect from 27 August 2009. (more…)

WASHINGTON — The United States Monday urged Myanmar to halt attacks on ethnic minorities, saying it was “deeply concerned” about the fighting. (more…)

OSLO — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon defended his leadership style Monday after stinging criticism by a Norwegian diplomat, saying different cultures and traditions in the world body must be respected. (more…)

The recent clashes between the Burma Army and the Kokang ethnic militia, known as the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), in the country’s northeastern region expose a central flaw in the constitution that was approved in the so-called referendum held a few days after Cyclone Nargis struck Burma in May 2008. (more…)

Hostilities that broke out on Thursday (27 August) continued for the second day yesterday but on a lower intensity probably due to China’s intervention, according to sources. (more…)

Chiang Mai – The internet has revealed more and more statements relating to forming of anti-junta secret organizations by monks. (more…)

Fighting near the Sino-Burmese border came to an abrupt halt today after about 700 Kokang troops handed over their weapons to Chinese officials following days of clashes that sent thousands fleeing across the border. (more…)

Newspaper section: NewsOne public school in Tak has found that caring for stateless children can foster both improved national security and a sense of unity among students.At Ban Tha Ard School in Tak’s Mae Sot district, classrooms are a mix of children from the Karen, Mon and Tai Yai as well as other ethnic groups. Muslim children also mingle with them. (more…)

UK Tourism Clampdown in Burma as Bermuda Firm Cruises Back

A legal loophole that let British tourism operators continue doing business in Burma in defiance of European Union sanctions has been closed by an amendment to UK law. (more…)

Bangkok — A Burmese government crackdown on powerful ethnic militias that have challenged its rule for more than 60 years has driven 10,000 refugees into neighboring China, prompting a rare rebuke from Chinese authorities, the Burmese regime’s key allies. (more…)

Burmese migrant laborers repair fish net at a fish market in Phuket island, Thailand, 21 Jul 2009
A Thailand-based activist group says migrant workers from Burma are significantly worse off than they were a year ago. The group is urging the Thai government to extend legal protections and social safety nets to migrant workers.   (more…)

The man who swam to the lakeside home of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has spoken of his sorrow that his action led to her arrest and trial.

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