Nay Pyi Taw – Two separate explosions occurred in Kyaukkyi, Bago Division, early this morning. One occurred in front of a building in Theindan Ward at about 4 am, and the other in front of a house in Myitta Ward at about 4.05 am. There were no causalities as there were hardly people around there at that time but the fences and some windows of the buildings were slightly damaged. It was learnt that the perpetrations were the acts of a group of KNU Brigade-3. In a similar incident in which 7 people were dead and 1 I others injured that ocurred in Ppun, Kayin State 16 December 2009 was also the act of a group under KNU Brigade-5.

Such incidents have proved that KNU insurgents are detonating bombs, blowing up power lines, planting mines in farms and gardens and extorting money, rice and rations from villages and towns, the majority of whose populations are Kayin nationals, although they are shouting that they are serving the interest of Kayin nationals and Kayin State. It is learnt that as the terrorist insurgents in disguise are penetrating regions where peace and stability prevail, the local people are cooperating with the authorities in exposing them. — MNA