Thursday, February 4th, 2010

The detained deputy leader of Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party in military-ruled Burma should be released next week and is set to resume political activities, a party spokesman said Thursday. (more…)

The Burmese-born US citizen detained in a Rangoon jail has declined food sent by his family, according to prison officials who spoke to a relative. (more…)

Yangon – A lawyer for Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi says a court in Yangon will hear testimony next week on a dispute between the detained opposition leader and her brother over efforts to renovate her lakeside home. (more…)

Bangkok – A group of about 1,700 ethnic Karen refugees from military-run Myanmar will be in danger if forced back to their homeland from Thailand, rights groups said Thursday. (more…)

Members of United Liberation Front Assam (ULFA), an armed separatist group from Assam State in northeast India, have established four camps inside Burma and recently started moving camps deeper into dense forest areas, according to news reports in India. (more…)

Chiang Mai – A surprise raid was carried out by Thai police and soldiers on Thailand border town Mae Sot based Karen Information Centre (KIC) this morning. (more…)

Business people on the border SHAN has interviewed confirmed that most of the drugs seized in Thailand originate in the Burma Army controlled militia groups and not Wa as reported by several news agencies. (more…)

New Delhi – Burmese Buddhist monks have been stopped from being a part of the renovation work of the U Thant’s memorial rest house in Lumbini, Nepal by the Burmese embassy in capital Kathmandu. (more…)

Louisa Benson Craig, an inspirational Karen community leader and former Miss Burma, passed away after a long battle with cancer in California on Feb. 2. She was 69. (more…)

In the time she has spent detained in her crumbling Rangoon home, the Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has endured isolation, frustration and grief. (more…)

Bangkok – The rumour mill in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is working overtime. In the past, the country’s military made many important decisions on the basis of what astrologers had decreed as auspicious or significant dates, including the 1990 election date and the mass move to the new capital. The former ruler, Gen Ne Win, only allowed local kyat currency notes to be printed that were denominations of nine – regarded as an exceptionally lucky number in Myanmar. (more…)

I am one of the ordinary people. I am complacent about my lifestyle: leading a peaceful life with my private business. I read, listen to the radio, and watch TV regularly on account of my habit of learning internal and international affairs. So, I somewhat keep in touch with what is going on at home, and in the world. (more…)