As a friendly neighbor of Myanmar, China treasures the bilateral relationship very much and always pays attention to the changes of Myanmar’s situation. China supports Myanmar to walk on the development road which accords with its national conditions, and China thinks highly of the efforts made by Myanmar to promote its domestic political reconciliations and improve its relationships with other countries.

China suggests that international communities should offer constructive assistances for Myanmar and create an easy environment for the country to promote its national reconciliations and realize the democracy and development. Facts of past years have proved that sanctions and oppressions will solve nothing.

A noticeable thing is that some Westerners link some changes of Myanmar with China factors and even say China is responsible for the changes.

A stable and prosperous Myanmar accords with the fundamental interests of its people and is good for promoting the regional development and the integration of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations.

China hopes that Myanmar has a stable political situation, develops its economy and makes social progresses. China is also willing to see that Myanmar strengthens its ties with Western countries including the United States.

In some Western media’s opinion, China is strengthening its investment in Myanmar by taking the “opportunity” that the West is taking sanctions against Myanmar, because China is afraid that it may be pushed aside if Myanmar’s external environment is improved.

This viewpoint is completely ridiculous. Pursuing an independent foreign policy of peace, China does not need to ask the West’s permission to develop its relationships with its neighbors, and does not need the so-called “opportunity.”

Chinese enterprises’ investments in Myanmar actually alleviate the difficulty of Myanmar’s economic operation and bring practical benefits to Myanmar’s common people under the sanctions. When Chinese enterprises are carrying out constructions of projects in Myanmar, they always pay attention to the interests of the local people, actively repay the society and timely pay compensation funds.

They have not only provided many job opportunities for local people, but also have helped them build schools and villages houses. It is a normal thing that China pays attention to the legal and just rights and interests of the Chinese enterprises.

Myanmar’s positive changes have strengthened its ability of attracting foreign investments. Currently, many multinational corporations are actively planning to invest in Myanmar. Maybe they will turn into competitors to the Chinese enterprises which have entered and are about to enter Myanmar.

But, Myanmar’s improved investment environment is also a good thing for the Chinese enterprises. The Chinese enterprises are capable of competing with the enterprises of other countries in Myanmar under a fair and reasonable condition.

Regarding the Myanmar issue, China’s standpoint is constructive and responsible but not selfish.