October 2012

Hong Kong — Violence has continued this week in western Myanmar, as an apparent campaign of ethnic cleansing is being carried out against the Muslim minority group known as the Rohingya — with little response or outcry from Aung San Suu Kyi or other human rights and pro-democracy activists in the country. (more…)

Sittwe – Food, water and medical help are in short supply at overcrowded camps in violence-hit western Burma that are “stretched beyond capacity”, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday. (more…)

Bangkok – More than 75,000 people remain displaced in Myanmar’s northern Kachin State following the collapse of a 17-year ceasefire between the Burmese government and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which has been fighting for greater autonomy for the past six decades. (more…)

The Burmese government has launched an investigation into the causes of the latest violence in Arakan State which erupted last week, according to a Naypyidaw insider. (more…)

The level of hostilities and forced displacement has been dramatically reduced in ethnic Karen, Karenni, Shan and Mon communities in eastern and southeastern Burma following a series of ceasefire deals between the Burmese government and several ethnic armed groups, according to the leading aid agency at the Thai-Burmese border. (more…)

Rangoon — Myanmar’s government says it has evidence that some individuals and organizations instigated recent deadly violence in the western state of Rakhine, but did not name them. (more…)

Bagnkok — The cultivation of illegal opium has increased in Myanmar for a sixth successive year, fueled in part by rising demand for heroin across Asia, the United Nations said Wednesday. (more…)

Bangkok – Myanmar is on course to eliminate new HIV/AIDS infections among children by 2015 but sustained investment, attention to cross-border movements and a focus on those most at risk are needed to achieve this, the head of the United Nations agency for HIV/AIDS says. (more…)

The Thai developer of the $50 billion Dawei economic zone in Myanmar plans to invest more than 1 billion baht ($32 million) on infrastructure to help attract light industry amid uncertainty over the project. (more…)

In a setback for reformers, ethnic violence has spread in western Myanmar (Burma), killing scores of civilians and displacing over 32,000 people. Following the latest fighting between Rakhine and Rohingya groups, satellite images released by Human Rights Watch appear to show the wholesale destruction last week of a coastal community of Rohingya. Boatloads of evacuees have since arrived in camps opened after previous deadly clashes elsewhere in June. Muslim Rohingya face widespread discrimination in a majority Buddhist country that doesn’t recognise them as citizens. Even Rohingya that have lived for generations in Myanmar are accused of being illegal migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh. The U.N. estimates the Rohingya population in Myanmar at 800,000 people. This excludes tens of thousands displaced to Bangladesh and others who have sought refugee protection in Southeast Asia. The head of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a grouping that includes Myanmar, has warned that the Rohingya crisis could destabilise the region. (more…)

An official from Burma’s state-run Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) has announced that the government will no longer issue CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) licenses for vehicles—either public or private—as it strives to withhold all natural gas supplies for electricity. (more…)

Asean Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan told the media on Tuesday that he tried to create a consensus within the regional grouping to address the unrest in Burma’s Rakhine State but the effort failed, after Burma declined to give its consent. (more…)

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has called on Bangladesh to open its borders to Rohingyas fleeing sectarian violence in Myanmar. (more…)

Rights activists have called for international monitors to safeguard the lives of thousands of Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State following last week’s deadly sectarian violence. (more…)

London – All parties to the conflict in the Myanmar’s Rakhine state need to make sure humanitarian supplies reach those in need, the British government said. (more…)

The latest attacks against ethnic Rohingya, with thousands of homes destroyed and probably more than a thousand killed, have once again drawn attention to Rakhine State in Burma. International attention had largely moved on following the first large scale outburst of violence in June, but attacks against Rohingya hadn’t ended, they had just taken on a new form. (more…)

Hsipaw – The Sino-Burmese Pipeline is a massive, $2.5 billion project intended to ensure China’s energy security well into the 21st century. It follows the Burma Road up from the Irrawaddy River plain through the Shan Hills and finally, into China. (more…)

Rangoon – An atrocity committed 20 years ago by an armed opposition student group continues to haunt Myanmar, a bloody purge that could have far-reaching consequences for segments of the country’s pro-democracy movement, their foreign backers and the new quasi-civilian incarnation of the former military-run regime. (more…)

More than one year on, Sumlut Roi Ja, an ethnic Kachin woman abducted by the Burmese Army, is still missing and President Thein Sein is still failing to take action to investigate and prosecute the soldiers who abducted her. (more…)

Ethnic violence is continuing and spreading in the state of Rakhine, in western Myanmar, between Buddhists and Muslims from the Rohingya minority. Six Buddhists and an unknown number of Rohingyas have been reported killed in recent days near the ancient town of Mrauk-U. At least ten nearby Muslim villages have been burned. (more…)

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