November 2012

A temporary displacement camp was set ablaze by Burmese government troops in Muse Township, northern Shan State, on Wednesday, according to the head of the Kachin Relief and Development Committee (KRDC). (more…)

Several hundred Buddhist monks in Burma and Thailand launched separate protests in Mandalay, Rangoon, Magwe and Bangkok on Friday to condemn the brutal crackdown on a peaceful anti-copper mine protest in Sagaing Division which injured around 70 people. (more…)

Sin Thet Maw – Guarded by rifle-toting police, immigration authorities in western Myanmar have launched a major operation aimed at settling an explosive question at the heart of the biggest crisis the government has faced since beginning its nascent transition to democracy last year. (more…)

Monywa – Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday said authorities must apologize for a violent crackdown on monks and other foes of a mine in northwest Myanmar, but she also stuck to the government’s view that the country must follow through on its commitment to build the project. (more…)

A storm that hit Chin State has stunted rice productions prompting a food shortage that is affecting many villages in Matupi and Thantlang townships. (more…)

Sittwe – The Buddhist monastery on the edge of this seaside town is a picture of tranquillity, with novice monks in saffron robes finding shade under a towering tree and their teacher, U Nyarna, greeting a visitor in a sunlit prayer room. (more…)

Yangon, Myanmar – Yangon’s downtown streets are a tangle of buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians all vying for space. (more…)

On the corner of 35th and Merchant Street, in the heart of Rangoon’s city centre, San San Win is preparing lunch for the workers in the surrounding offices, shops and ministries. Her noodle stall is sheltered from the rain by the vast portico of a government bank, built in the 1930s by the British when Burma was part of the empire. (more…)

Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit to India this month spotlighted the shared histories between the two nations and the need for a stronger alliance between them. A new reform agenda and Suu Kyi’s election to parliament offers New Delhi a chance to recalibrate its Burma policy to include greater focus on human rights, rule of law and democratic governance. (more…)

For Immediate Release:

Monywa Cooper Mine Project is a joint venture between business communities of China and Myanmar that will bring benefits to both sides. Issues such as relocation, compensation, environmental protection and profit sharing regarding this project were jointly settled through negotiations by the two sides and meet Myanmar’s laws and regulations. We hope all levels of Myanmar society can create a favorable environment for the project’s smooth operation based on respect for laws and regulations of Myanmar. (more…)

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has offered to mediate a dispute involving villagers and monks opposed to the expansion of a Chinese-backed copper mine in the country’s northwest. (more…)

Sittwe – Communal fighting in Burma’s western Rakhine State has focused on the plight of the Rohingya, a persecuted and stateless Muslim minority.  But the ethnic Kaman, another Muslim group recognized as citizens, were also involved in the clashes, raising concerns of a wider religious conflict. (more…)

The Burmese government should accept the long-standing demands of Burma’s ethnic groups for a federal union, which would allow the groups a degree of political autonomy and self-government in their respective regions, Shan leaders said at a conference on Wednesday. They added that the government should fully respect any agreements with the groups. (more…)

Recent survey conducted in 39 townships has called for repeal of 4 of the 8 point peace guideline set by the Thein Sein government, according to a copy of the survey results received by SHAN this morning. (more…)

Leading members of the University Lecturers’ Union in Mandalay have been transferred to several institutions across Burma in what they claim is a deliberate move by education officials who dislike unions. (more…)

Hundreds of land rovers have found their way into Burma in recent years, but now plans are afoot to begin officially exporting the popular 4 x 4 vehicle into the country, according to a report in India’s Economic Times on Thursday. (more…)

Japan’s Juroku Bank has announced a deal with Burma’s Ayeyarwady Bank, according to a report in the Japan Times on Thursday. (more…)

United States President Barack Obama’s visit to Myanmar last week highlights how much has changed over the past two years in the relationship between the world’s lone superpower and a country that has been one of the world’s most inwardly focused. But even in this moment of mutual success, the US and Myanmar should be wary of the potential for disappointed expectations to combine with autarkic (self-isolating) and xenophobic trends in Myanmar’s political culture and create a backlash. (more…)

A thousand police officers and security forces moved in on Wednesday to disperse protesters, including Buddhist monks, at the Latpadaung copper mine project. (more…)

Burmese authorities have arrested and charged six activists who protested in Rangoon on Monday against the Latpadaung Mountain copper mining project, according to eyewitness Thiha Win Tin, a member of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU). (more…)

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