Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Fighting between the Burma Army and ethic Kachin forces in northern Burma’s Kachin State has heated up in recent days, according to Kachin rebels, who claim to have killed dozens of Burmese government soldiers. (more…)

Famous former dissident monk Gambira was released on bail from Rangoon’s notorious Insein Prison on Monday after 10 days of detention. (more…)

Eight demonstrators arrested for peacefully protesting in Myanmar’s largest city against a mining project have been freed on bail. (more…)

Burmese President’s Office Minister Aung Min extolled Naypyitaw’s program of economic and political reforms in a speech to mark International Human Rights Day on Monday. (more…)

The Land Investigation Commission that has been formed by the Union Parliament is now conducting field investigations for the second time for 14 more cases of confiscation of agrarian lands in Arakan State. (more…)

Burma’s financial sector suffered years of mismanagement under military rule.  But more recently, the government has pushed through economic reforms that are remaking banks and revitalizing businesses. (more…)

State-owned PetroChina has begun work on the Yunnan section of the Burma (Myanmar)-China gas pipeline in Anning City, Yunnan province. (more…)

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it is to resume prison visits in Myanmar to assess the welfare and living conditions of inmates, almost seven years after it was stopped from carrying out the activity. (more…)

Burma’s fate continues to draw a lot of attention and a lot of economic interest.  The country’s strategic location, combined with its tumultuous recent past, guarantee that its reform and opening-up process is bound to be wrapped up with both hope and controversy. Following the recent passage of a foreign investment law, the trailblazers of globalization — banks and accounting firms — have begun a surge into the country. (more…)