Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Rakhine Buddhist and Rohingya Muslim communities that have lived separately for generations are now forcibly segregated. (more…)

More than 1,000 Buddhist monks in Mandalay have vowed to continue demonstrating every day until the Burmese government meets their demands, including issuing an apology for the violent crackdown on monks and activists at the Monywa copper mine site on November 29. (more…)

Protesting gold miners in Mandalay Division have accused the Myanmar National Prosperity Public Company (MNPPC) of destroying their homes in a bid to prevent them returning to mountains 40 miles (64 km) from Yamethin Township. (more…)

The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) will take 20 leading firms to Myanmar [Burma] to explore trade and investment opportunities in the neighbouring country. (more…)

As Burma’s largest city goes through a long-awaited period of economic growth and investment following recent reforms, new problems are also beginning to arise for its residents as rental rates shoot up, squeezing the budget of many lower income families and forcing some to relocate. (more…)

Burma is at the heart of a growing narcotics crisis in Asia that threatens public security, the UN said Wednesday, urging regional help for the impoverished nation in stemming drug production. (more…)

Declining heroin and opium output from Afghanistan could provide strong cash incentives for Burma’s drug warlords to boost production, thereby threatening the further growth of a trade that is already considered a key component in Southeast Asia’s expanding organized crime world. (more…)

Thailand is threatening to deport more than a million migrant workers, most of them from Burma, if they do not complete required documentation by a December 14 deadline. Rights groups say the nationality verification process, while aimed at providing legal protection, is being exploited by corrupt officials, brokers and employers to further abuse vulnerable migrants. (more…)

A group of shipwreck survivors rescued near Myanmar last week remains in limbo off Singapore’s coast despite concerns that they could be refugees, in a sign of wariness by Southeast Asian governments about accepting asylum seekers amid an increased exodus from Myanmar. (more…)

President Barack Obama’s November visit to Burma showcased his Administration’s approach to Burma. It is one of gentle persuasion and positive reinforcement, except for sanctions tightly targeted at specific individuals and entities. In the President’s words, he seeks to extend a hand to an unclenching fist. (more…)

A stream of protesters, many of them Buddhist monks clad in maroon robes, trickled through the capital Monday as part of what observers here say is a growing movement against the government’s brutal crackdown on strikers at a Chinese-backed copper mining project in the northwest. (more…)