The Indian Army is insisting that no lethal weapon from its inventory has ever been sold to any foreign country, least of all to Myanmar’s military junta. The Army has been forced to come up with a clarification after a Carl Gustav M3 anti-tank rifle from its inventory turned up with the Myanmarese army recently.
Swedish government earlier this week sought explanation from the Indian government over the controversial find, which is in violation of the arms embargo imposed on the Myanmar’s military junta. Carl Gustav is manufactured by Swedish firm Saab.

A senior Army officer told TOI that the Army has never sold any lethal weapons to any foreign country. “The DGMO (directorate general of military operations) is checking up,” another source said, when asked how a rifle, carrying serial number of a weapon system sold to the Indian Army, turned up in Myanmar.

On Thursday, the Swedish trade minister Ewa Bjorling had told Swedish parliament that the Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls “has requested an expedited answer from India”.