January 2013

Burma has confirmed a new round of peace talks with Kachin rebels will be hosted by another insurgent group, the United Wa State Army.  The Wa have close links to China, which has expressed concern about stability along the border. (more…)

State media officials issued a public apology on Thursday for mistakenly using a photo from a recent airplane crash in eastern Burma as evidence of a mine attack by Kachin rebels. (more…)

Burmese authorities apprehended a French citizen on Wednesday morning as he walked alongside peace marchers from Kywebwe to Taungoo in Pegu Region. Reports to Mizzima indicate that the man was to be sent to Rangoon to be deported immediately. (more…)

On the sandy banks of the Jeyang River that separates Burma and China, hundreds of Kachin families are living in makeshift huts made of bamboo and plastic sheets. (more…)

The Karen National Union (KNU), one of Southeast Asia’s oldest insurgent groups, marked the 64th anniversary of its struggle for greater autonomy on Thursday with vows to continue fighting until its ultimate goal has been reached. (more…)

Myanmar’s defence services will continue to pay compensation for the seized land, Vice Quartermaster General Major General Min Naing unveiled during a meeting with the commission for investigation into seized farmlands and estate land yesterday.  (more…)

Foreign visitors to Myanmar may finally be able to start ridding their wallets of hundreds of dollars in cash in favor of plastic credit cards, as the nascent economy celebrated its first-ever point-of-sale transaction in Yangon on Thursday. (more…)

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi finally collected a human rights award in South Korea on Thursday nearly a decade after it was conferred. (more…)

Myanmar will send two officers to observe the Cobra Gold military exercise next month, a senior Thai armed forces official said on Thursday. (more…)

Burma’s legislature has been a boon for the country. But building a parliamentary house takes time. (more…)

Last February, a local government agent approached village headman U Thein with an offer: $600 to “lease” a large tract of communal rice paddies that needed to be cleared for an army-owned company and its Chinese partner to expand a copper mine in this sun-baked swath of northern Burma. (more…)

A group of lawyers investigating a violent crackdown in Myanmar in November that left Buddhist monks and villagers with serious burns contends that the police used white phosphorus, a munition normally reserved for warfare, to disperse protesters. (more…)

Government negotiators and representatives from the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) have agreed to hold talks in Wa-administered territory in northern Shan state. (more…)

A high court in Mandalay yesterday rejected a motion by the National League for Democracy’s (NLD) secretary Nyan Win to drop a libel suit filed by the country’s election commission. (more…)

“The New Light of Myanmar”, the fiery mouthpiece of the former junta, is seeking a private partner as the country’s reformist government loosens its grip on state media, an official said Wednesday. (more…)

Myanmar’s “paper revolution” has brought a sharp improvement in freedom of information in the former pariah state, bucking a general deterioration across much of Asia, a report said on Wednesday. (more…)

KNU President, General Mutu Say Poe, has called for continued ethnic Karen unity while paying respects to the Karen people in a speech marking the 64th anniversary of Karen Revolutionary Resistance Day. (more…)

Japan says it is canceling 326.3 billion yen ($3.58 billion) in debt owed by Myanmar to encourage reforms. (more…)

Indian telecoms giant Bharti Airtel has joined the competition to obtain one of two telecommunications licenses being granted to international companies by the Burmese government. (more…)

Nearly 350 illegal Rohingya migrants were found crammed inside two vessels entering Thai waters in southern Ranong and Phuket provinces on Tuesday. (more…)

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