Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Four Burmese gold mine workers, who were arrested for leading a march to Naypidaw in November, were sentenced to six months imprisonment at a Pegu court on Thursday for protesting without permission and instigating public unrest. (more…)

A group of leaders from the Karen National Union (KNU) left for Naypidaw on Thursday for a two-day meeting with President Thein Sein, where they say they will press the government on the escalating Kachin conflict. (more…)

The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) issued a statement on January 1 calling for the Burmese government to order a halt to the Burmese army’s military offensive against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). (more…)

Thailand-based Assistance Association of Political Prisoners-Burma (AAPP) General-Secretary Teik Naing and Joint General-Secretary Bo Kyi are scheduled to arrive in Burma on January 5 after many years in exile. (more…)

Leaders of a prominent armed group have called on Burma’s nominally civilian government to unconditionally release all remaining political prisoners, including their comrades. (more…)

Outbreaks of illnesses are spreading amongst refugees – mostly children – living in official and unofficial camps in Bangladesh. The most common sicknesses are pneumonia, fever, cough, stomach’s pain and diarrhea, according to a doctor from Teknaf. (more…)

Authorities in Burma’s commercial capital Rangoon have begun cutting power supply to the city’s industrial zones for seven hours per day, a zone manager said. The outages are set to worsen and affect residents during the coming dry season, when Rangoon’s chronic electricity shortages become particularly pressing. (more…)

Japan’s new government has moved swiftly to engage Myanmar as it looks to the long-isolated Southeast Asian nation as a potential market for Japanese goods, confirming it will start waiving some debt claims on Myanmar although it stopped short of committing to a major development project in the south of the country. (more…)

Myanmar has alarmed Washington and the United Nations after it admitted carrying out airstrikes against rebel fighters in the northern state of Kachin. (more…)

The United Nations refugee agency is urging Thailand not to deport a group of Rohingya Muslim boat people, saying they could be in danger if they are sent back to Burma. (more…)

Thai authorities Tuesday detained the group, including 20 children, from an unsafe vessel off Bon Island, in Phuket province, 600 kilometres south-west of Bangkok. (more…)

Burma’s human rights record is likely to figure prominently as US lawmakers consider whether to lift sanctions on the country, according to a new congressional report prepared ahead of the 113th Congress, which begins on Thursday. (more…)

When Myanmar began opening up to the world and showed determination to reconnect with the global economy, many investors here feared the pool of cheap labour in Thailand would soon dry up as migrant workers from Myanmar started to head back home. After all, who would want to endure back-breaking work for low pay and the constant threat of police extortion here when they could go home again and find new work opportunities? (more…)

Vijay Nambiar currently serves as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Adviser on Myanmar, a role he has held since 2010. The veteran Indian diplomat has also served as Chef de Cabinet to the Secretary-General from 2007-2012. (more…)