The government is making strenuous efforts for ensuring regional security, peace and stability and development in Kachin State. At the same time, talks with KIA group continue for reaching eternal peace. But KIA group still pursues destructive acts against regional development and security. On 30 December, one KIA member died while planting a mine on Lonkhin- Tawhmaw road (about four miles of Lonkhin police station) between Wahkyae village and Kahtan village in Phakant Township.

T h e s a m e d a y , 20-member group led b y K y a u k g y i S t a t i o n Commander Tan Gwan of KIA Battalion (11) also attacked security members in the compound of Mayan v i l l a g e M o n a s t e r y i n Mogaung Township.

In the incident, U Inphaw Hsin Wah (30 years) of Mayan village injured his right thigh and now is receiving medical treatment a t M o g a u n g P e o p l e ’ s Hospital.

On 31 December, KIA group attacked surrounding areas of Myothit village from the hills about one mile east of Myothit Police Station in Momauk Township, with heavy weapons. Six shells were fired in the attack.

They also destroyed pylon No.179 that links Waingmaw main power station, near Manwein village with three mines causing the pylon to tilt about 70 degree.-MNA