Monday, January 7th, 2013

Burma’s President Thein Sein hosted the newly elected leadership of the Karen National Union (KNU) in Naypyitaw on Saturday for talks aimed at consolidating the ceasefire signed between the two sides a year ago. (more…)

An emergency meeting of the New Mon State Party (NMSP) Executive Committee was held on January 4 to discuss the current Burmese military offensive against Kachin State. Attendees convened at party headquarters in Ye Chaung Phya area, close to the Thai-Burma border, and called for an immediate countrywide ceasefire and political dialogue with ethnic groups, according to NMSP’s Foreign Affairs Official, Nai Hong Sar Poune Khain. (more…)

The General Secretary of the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), Nai Hong Sar, said that despite an agreement reached between Presidential Minister U Aung Min’s peace negotiating team and a UNFC delegation, political dialogue could be delayed due to the Burmese military offensive in Kachin State. (more…)

Burma border security force (Nasaka) are photographing Rohingya families without their consent, and in some cases charging them between 2000 to 5000 Kyats (US $2.33 – $5.83) for each household, according to residents. The Nasaka operation in Maungdaw south, Arakan state, started on Jan.4, said one Aley Than Kyaw elder who spoke on condition of anonymity. (more…)

Businesses in Ranong want the government to rapidly resolve the problem of overlapping claims on islands in the Kraburi River between Thailand and Myanmar. (more…)

The army has been placed on high alert after major clashes between Myanmar troops and Shan rebel soldiers yesterday threatened to spill across the border. (more…)

Myanmar is seeking to modify the Dawei deep-sea port and special economic zone contract to have a holding company to be set up soon handle the investment instead of Italian-Thai Development Plc (ITD). (more…)

Unlike most Southeast Asian cities, Myanmar’s former capital of Yangon is remarkably free of whining motorcycles and scooters thanks to a gang of thugs and a high-profile case of road rage. The ban was introduced a decade ago when a motorcycle gang known as the Scorpions, made up of young men from families of the elite and which had affiliations with the grandsons of the late dictator Ne Win, ventured near the motor convoy of Vice-Senior General Maung Aye in Yangon. (more…)

Taro Aso, a week after becoming Japan’s new finance minister, put aside pressing domestic issues for a trip to Myanmar to cement Tokyo’s role in the largely untapped market, part of an effort to diversify from Japan’s exposure to China. (more…)

Minister Win Myint from Burma’s Ministry of Commerce has announced that a total of 1.2 million tons of Burmese rice and rice products will be exported in the 2012-13 fiscal year, the country’s highest levels in 46 years. (more…)

Myanmar’s recent political opening has unleashed deep-seated and violent ethnic clashes that have sent waves of refugees on perilous boat journeys to seek safer shores, while forcing its neighbors and international entities to scramble to come up with a cohesive response to the crisis. (more…)

Unprecedented aerial attacks on ethnic Kachin rebels by Myanmar’s military have raised doubts about whether the retired generals in a government hailed for its reforms have really changed their harsh old ways. (more…)

Former CBC correspondent Patrick Brown has reported from world capitals and dusty backwaters for over 30 years, with a particular emphasis on Asia, having been based at different times in Bangkok, Delhi and, most recently, Beijing. He now splits his time between Canada and China as an independent documentary-maker. (more…)

Wine, director of the well-known short film “Cut that Scene” (more…)

The Moustache Brothers comedy trio paid a heavy price for poking fun at Burma’s military junta. Now, despite moves towards a civilian government, they have no plans to stop lampooning the authorities. (more…)