Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Nay Pyi Taw, 4 Feb-Peace talks between Union Level Peace Making Committee and KIO was held at Shweli today. (more…)

Kachin rebels fighting the government in Myanmar’s far north said Tuesday new peace talks held in China were a limited step towards finding a solution to the bitter conflict. (more…)

Thousands of Muslim Rohingyas, who were uprooted after sectarian clashes in western Burma last year, are still not registered as internally displaced persons (IDPs) by the government and continue to be denied humanitarian assistance, local sources have warned. (more…)

Thein Sein’s official website was brought down by a cyber attack on Tuesday. (Reuters)
A denial of service attack (DDoS) was launched against the president’s office website Tuesday morning bringing down the head of state’s page. (more…)

Burma’s government will finally let the UN and international aid groups access all displaced civilians in war-torn Kachin State in northern Burma, a government official said on Tuesday. It had previously blocked international relief from reaching thousands of civilians in rebel-held areas. (more…)

The government appears to be willing to allow the 2008 Constitution to be amended as the chair of its Judicial and Legal Affairs Committee, Thura Aung Ko, called on those who want to do so to be specific in their requests. (more…)

The Myanmar Customs Department has announced a huge increase in car imports over the past 15 months. (more…)

Myanmar Investment Commission has given the green light for Thailand’s Chang Beer to open breweries and other beverage factories in Yangon and Mandalay regions as well Shan State, sources said. (more…)

Asian countries are spearheading a wave of mounting international investor interest in Myanmar’s long-underdeveloped manufacturing industry, as global players move to tap the potential of the region’s rising economic star. (more…)

Older women who drink alcohol daily in Myanmar consume an “exceptionally high” amount compared with their younger counterparts, according to the recently released findings of the first nationwide study into the risk factors for non-communicable disease. (more…)

The ongoing peace process in Burma that began in 2011 has been good for cross-border trade between the two countries, according to Thai security sources. (more…)

China says it is willing to play a role in peace talks between the government of Burma and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), which is seeking greater autonomy. (more…)

We were told last week that Myanmar had paid off its US$6 billion debt arrears to the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Paris Club of official creditors, with the help of $3 billion in debt forgiveness from Japan. (more…)

In June 2012, the government of Myanmar took a historic step by signing an action plan with the UN to end the recruitment and use of children as soldiers in the country. The signature on the dotted line of this document, which had been under negotiation for five years, marked both an acknowledgement of a longstanding problem and a willingness to correct the practice. (more…)

“Two weeks to abandon your rice paddies or face a month in prison.” (more…)

Poet Saw Wai parked himself on the lawn, unfurled a map of Myanmar with a blob of blood-red paint dripping down from a spot up north and invited people to make poetry with him. (more…)

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Training Myanmar’s next generation leaders for long-term growth and success: (more…)