Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Local villagers and activists resumed their demonstrations against a Chinese-backed copper mine in central Burma on Wednesday, as anger continues to grow over the government’s failure to address community grievances over the project. (more…)

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA), who is currently negotiating a precarious ceasefire deal with the government, has rejected a plea by opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to be formally invited to mediate talks between the groups. (more…)

Burma’s government will meet with Kachin rebel leaders and other ethnic groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on Feb. 20 to discuss a ceasefire in Kachin State and to hold a political dialogue with the groups, an ethnic leader and a peace broker said on Wednesday. (more…)

A Burma Army supply truck was hit by a mine on Tuesday evening in Tantabin Township, Toungoo District, eyewitnesses said the explosion left two injured and two dead. (more…)

More than 2,000 people who have been living in a neighborhood in Bago [Pegu]—some for more than 40 years—have been ordered to leave before March 1 or else face a one-month prison sentence. (more…)

A group of lawyers and activists say Burmese authorities used fraud and coercion to take land from villagers for a China-backed copper mine.  The lawyers say police then used excessive force to scare off protesters opposed to the mine.  They are calling for an investigation of senior government officials and officers of the military-operated mine.  (more…)

Activists in Myanmar demanded punishment Thursday for officials who were responsible for the use of incendiary weapons against peaceful protesters at a copper mine, resulting in serious burns for dozens of people including Buddhist monks. (more…)

A local real estate agent has told Mizzima that the price of land in the villages surrounding Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is increasingly rapidly. (more…)

The distant South Pacific island nation of New Zealand is making its mark on Myanmar soil and looking to transfer its agricultural prowess in milk production and dairy manufacturing to farmers in the Southeast Asian country. (more…)

The Energy Ministry announced on February 13 that it had revoked the license of Shweyathi Petroleum Co that permits it to produce oil at Padaukpin Village in Magwe Region. (more…)

It’s lunchtime, but in the offices of the National League for Democracy (NLD), no one is stopping work. As we go up a tight staircase into an office hung with portraits of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her father General Aung San, activists work energetically around tables strewn with documents and maps. Student volunteers flick between drafting policy papers on antiquated PCs and checking Facebook on their iPhones. (more…)

Burma’s universities were once considered by many to be among the best in East Asia. But years of mismanagement and a disastrous nationalization process left the education system in such shambles that many students seek educational opportunities abroad. (more…)

Two warships of the Myanmar navy will make a historic visit to Phuket port next week to mark 65 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Myanmar, a navy source said. (more…)

Activists say that up to 19,000 people – mostly Rohingya Muslims – have set sail from Myanmar’s western Rakhine state to Thailand to escape violence and deteriorating living conditions. (more…)

Warned the Obama administration Wednesday against lifting sanctions on Myanmar’s military-backed government because its democratic reforms could be reversed. (more…)

Slain troops dumped in ravines, mortars raining down from above and helicopter gunships firing rockets into guerrilla camps. These are the ugly scenes Myanmar’s new wave of reformist rulers were supposed to resign to history. (more…)

As an unprecedented amount of investment is set to pour into Burma soon, DVB’s David Stout spoke with Jared Bissinger, a PhD candidate at Macquarie University who is studying Burma’s economy, about how new regulations and international loans are likely to affect the country. (more…)