Myanmar parliament speaker U Shwe Mann has called for thoughtful review of the 2008-state constitution, saying that the amendment should not harm the current stability, peace making process and democratic transition, state media reported Friday.

U Shwe Mann told local people in some townships in southwestern Ayayawaddy region that the constitution review should take these things into account.

“It would be a mistake if things, that should be changed, are not changed and if things that should not be changed, are changed hurriedly,” he warned.

“Practicing democracy should be based on the history of a country and it is impossible to copy the democratic system of other countries,” he added.

Myanmar’s parliament has formed a Joint Committee for Review of the Constitution and it has received thousands of suggestions and advice from political parties and civil organizations.

The committee is expected to put forward them to the upcoming 9th session of the parliament which is to resume in days.

With regard to the issue, the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi, has sent suggestions to the committee on amending 168 points from all 15 chapters of the constitution except one, including an article 59-f that blocks Suu Kyi from becoming president or vice president.

The point is also included in the 73 provisions for amendment and 21 provisions for abolition raised by the ruling party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in its constitutional amendment proposal presented to the committee.

Dealing with the constitutional amendment issue, President U Thein Sein has expressed support, emphasizing the need to amend the provision on the qualification of the political leadership of the country and holding that he would not want restrictions being imposed on the rights of any citizen to become the leader of the country.

According to the 2008 constitution, the amendment needs the consent of more than 75 percent of the parliament members, followed by more than 50 percent approval in a nationwide referendum.