The Ks 1,500 mobile SIM card’s black market price has already fallen in Myanmar since the news that two foreign telecom firms, Telenor and Ooredoo, will be selling mobile SIM cards within six to eight months at reasonable prices.

Due to this information, demand for mobile SIM cards has declined and the prices are bottoming out, according to mobile shop owners.

People are now using mobile SIM cards by paying the highest price at the black market because Myanmar Economic Corporation and Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications service can’t sell enough Ks 1,500 SIM cards.

But the SIM cards’ price is falling as demand also decreases.

“In the past, we sold a lot of SIM cards at my shop. In the black market, CDMA SIM cards had been valued at between Ks 80,000 to Ks 90,000. The WCDMA would be valued at more than Ks 100,000. Now, the prices are falling and customers have a little more ability to buy the SIM cards. The prices of the CDMA and the WCDMA are Ks 60,000 and Ks 90,000. If the customers sell the SIM cards, they can get better price. But if they want to buy the SIM cards, they must pay the highest prices,” said a mobile shopkeeper at Yuzana Plaza.

Although people paid more than Ks 100,000 per SIM card in the black market when SIM cards first became available in Myanmar, demand for SIM cards is currently falling.

“At present, people can buy SIM cards wherever they like,” said a mobile shopkeeper from Taw Win Palaza.

“People are waiting for the SIM cards because telecom companies will sell the cards at reasonable prices. They are not buying SIM cards like before. Every mobile shop has a lot of the cards, but many are sitting there unsold,” said a mobile shopkeeper in Mingalartaungnyunt Township.