Youth from Mon state are making preparations for ASEAN Youth Forum in Burma’s commercial capital Rangoon. Ko Kyi Zaw Lwin, a coordinator for the upcoming Mon State Youth Forum in capital city Moulmein, told Independent Mon News Agency, they will choose 15 representatives from this event to attend the Rangoon forum.

About 150 Mon, Karen, Pa-O, Burman and other youth from 10 townships are expected to converge during the state forum in capital city Moulmein from Feb. 18 to 19. Discussions from the participants hailing from a diverse range of political and civil society groups will center on peace, the environment, health and politics during the two day event. The ideas raised will be presented at the Rangoon forum and others.

Min Nyan Seik Rehmarn, who serves as the Mon State Youth Forum secretary, has extensive experience with similar youth events. He attended a Cambodia youth forum in 2012 and 2011 took part in the Youth Forum and People Forum, both in Indonesian.

“We will present the ideas raised from ASEAN Youth Forum at ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ ASEAN People’s Forum (ACSC/APF). From there, we will continue to present the ideas and views of youths at the ASEAN Submit,” he said.

Both events will take place in Burma.

Min Nyan Seik Rehmarn hopes that the perspectives raised from this Mon State Youth Forum will find a way to other youth events like the Myanmar Youth Forum, ASEAN Youth Forum, ASEAN People’s Forum and ASEAN Submit conference.

Burma is slated to chair ASEAN later this year. With many related events taking place in the country, it’s a good opportunity for the youth to have their voices heard.