The National Brotherhood Federation (NBF) says it will be flexible regarding the number of states to form a federal system and will make its decision based on the political situation.

During a meeting at the NBF’s headquarters with representatives of the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT), NBF members were told that they should not publicly declare the number of states without knowing the federal system.

“We shouldn’t be saying that the federal will be formed with eight, or 14, or 15 states while we don’t know the type of federal system. If we do that, it will be difficult to negotiate between all the political forces. The NBF also needs not to keep other organizations under its thumb,” said NCCT member Colonel Khun Okka.

The NBF has responded that the NCCT’s concern is overstated.

“We don’t have a policy of claiming eight, or 14, or 15 states. Don’t believe those statements if we don’t announce them officially. They are attacking us personally,” said NBF spokesperson Zoe San.
Another NBF spokesperson said the federation is being fair in its cooperative efforts.

“Although the NBF can cooperate with the current government or other political parties in current political situation, we are not subordinating them. The above mentioned statements were not announced by the NBF,” said Sai Saw Than Myint.

The Federal Union Party (FDP), formed with representatives from the member parties of the NBF, will compete in every constituency where ethnic parties do not compete in the 2015 election. Later they intend to stand as a larger political party. The NBF will not accept other political parties in the FDP either, Sai Saw Than Myint said.