Yangon-Local activists staged a protest on Monday (March 24) in front of Yangon Regional Court against the corruption of judges in Myanmar’s legal system.

A local activist organization, the Nonstop Campaign Force for Democratic Affairs, says it organized the protest with the aim of exposing the corruption of some judges in Yangon Region.

“Regional judges manipulate township judges. The corruption of such regional judges can have a negative effect on the legal system of this country. If the legal system is fraudulent, it will spoil the government. Judges who do not work honestly should be dismissed and replaced with honest ones. Corrupt judges should be jailed,” said Htin Kyaw from the organization.

About 30 participants took part in the protest, which began at 10 a.m. on Monday, chanting slogans such as “Out! Out! Corrupt judges!”

They also read a declaration against the electricity fee hikes at the protest.
“The electricity fee hike is a public concern. The electricity minister said they’re doing it ‘to compensate for losses.’ We would like to ask them whether they cannot stand to eat those losses for the sake of the people. We strongly support the 18 MPs who opposed the hike [in parliament],” said Tun Tun Naing of the Coordination Team for Worker Unions.

On January 27, a citizen named Htin Kyaw held a solo protest against corrupt legal servants in front of Yangon East District Court, with official permission.

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