The Ta’aung (Palaung) National Party will repeat its request for an identity code that recognises the group’s distinct ethnic status in the national census underway throughout the country, party central committee member U Aung Win told Mizzima in Yangon on April 1.

Most Palaung live in Shan State and have been given the identity code 817 for the census, which identifies them as being a Shan group, U Aung Win said.

The Shan are coded as 801 and ethnic groupings regarded as sub-sets of the Shan people have been given codes from 802 to 833.

U Aung Win said the Palaung reject being classified as a sub-group of the Shan because ethno-linguistically they are part of the Mon-Khmer family and not of Shan-Tai descent.

The 2008 Constitution recognises Namsan and Mongtong townships in northern Shan State as being within the Palaung Self-Administered Zone.