Chinese companies assisted Myanmar in completing the Myanmar national power system studies and designed the country’s power development planning reform. The project has been untaken as a form of grant assistance to Myanmar. Related reports were submitted to the Ministry of Electricity in Naypyidaw in the evening of April 9th.

Based on related agreements signed in Feb 2012, Chinese’s ChangJiang San Xia Group provided the assistance, and the Myanmar Ministry of Electric Power entrusted an advisory group of SinoHydro- Kunming Surveying and Planning Institute to study the country’s power system and design the power planning report.

In a joint effort, the two sides completed the “Comprehensive Report on Myanmar’s Power System Planning”, “Forecasts of Power Supply and Demand”, “The Current Condition and Reform Plan for the Power System” and the “Plan for the Supply Volume Balance and Power Grid”.

Industry insiders said this is the first planning report that reflects Myanmar’s current and future power system development for the next 20 years. It has received high compliments and recognition from the  relevant departments of Myanmar.

In recent years, Myanmar’s power industry has grown fast but failed to meet the industrial and residential demand. Power shortages are rampant and serious.