On April 10, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress, Zhang Dejiang held a meeting with the speaker of the Myanmar Union Parliament and the Lower House, U Shwe Mann.

Zhang Dejiang said: China and Myanmar are traditional friendly neighbors. In the 64 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the bilateral ties have endured the tests posed by the changing international environment and the cooperation in all fields has had smooth development. China emphasizes the friendly cooperative relations with Myanmar and will follow the President’s idea of “close, honest, beneficial and tolerant” relations and the principle of “creating an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood; will further and deepen the friendly exchanges; will strengthen and expand cooperation in all fields; push for the healthy and sustainable development of Sino-Myanmar friendly course and benefit both countries and both peoples in the bilateral relations.

Zhang Dejiang said: China’s National People’s Congress has good cooperation with Myanmar Union Parliament. We hope that the two sides will use the cooperation memorandum signed this time to deepen the friendly exchanges on the senior levels and between professional committees so as to bring the cooperation to more and higher fields and play a bigger role in the development of Sino-Myanmar friendly ties. First of all, the two sides should strengthen the exchange of governance experience, especially in the field of legislation, so as to provide lessons to each other’s domestic reform, development and stability. Secondly, the two sides should fully play the role as legislators to maintain the stability of investment policies and laws to protect the legitimate rights of investors, create more incentive for companies and create good policy and legal environment for bilateral economic and trade cooperation.  Thirdly, the two sides should enhance the exchanges and dialogues between the members of National People’s Congress and Myanmar MPs to promote the friendly exchanges between the parties, peoples and civil societies so as to enhance mutual understanding, strengthen friendly cooperation and lay the firm social and civil foundation for the inheritance of good bilateral ties from generation to generation.

U Shwe Mann said, Myanmar and China enjoy deep friendship and close ties. Myanmar compliments China on its reform and opening up policy and admires China’s great achievements in economic and social development. The goal of my trip is to strengthen the traditional friendship between Myanmar and China and promote the deeper development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides. He said, Myanmar firmly supports the One China policy and thanks China for upholding justice for Myanmar at international arena. Myanmar Union Parliament wishes to further strengthen exchanges with National People’s Congress at all levels, exchanges governance experiences in depth and instill new momentum to the development of bilateral friendly ties.

After the meeting, Zhang Dejiang and U Shwe Mann signed the “Cooperation Memorandum between China’s National People’s Congress and Myanmar Union Parliament”.

Link: http://news.xinhuanet.com/politics/2014-04/10/c_1110191220.html