A group of ethnic organisations plans to conduct a survey in minority areas to highlight mistakes in the recently concluded national census.

The representatives of the 10 organisations in February raised their concerns on the identification of ethnic identity in the national census, while meeting with Minister of Immigration Khin Yi. The census was wrapped up on April 10.

“The census taking was OK in our Naga region. But some areas reported errors. Now we are in a study period. We cannot say where mistakes occurred but there might be some errors. As we plan to conduct a survey, we will be able to point out what we see around the time when the census commission publicises the census data,” said Shu Maung from the Naga Traditional Literature and Culture Central Committee.

The study will be carried out ethnic areas including Kachin, Chin and Rakhine regions where some minority groups refused to participate because they were not allowed to self-identify themselves.

Minister Khin Yi announced it would take time to finish the census due to delays in reaching remote regions. He also urged all the ethnic people to ensure they participate in the process.

Most ethnic organisations are cooperating with the census collectors to ensure that the names of ethnic minorities are corrected in the census list.

The nationwide census was taken from March 30 to April 10 and results will be announced at the beginning of 2015.

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