A coalition of 12 ethnic groups, the United Nationalities Federal Council, has begun a two-day meeting to discuss negotiations between the government and armed ethnic rebel groups on a nationwide ceasefire.

The meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, began on April 21, said Colonel Khun Okkar, the deputy secretary of the UNFC.

Colonel Khun Okkar is also a member of the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordinating Team, which is representing the armed ethnic rebel groups at the ceasefire negotiations with the government’s Union Peace-Working Committee.

The Chiang Mai meeting, being attended by the central executive committee of the UNFC, has been hearing reports from NCCT members on the latest round of ceasefire negotiations at the Myanmar Peace Center in Yangon from April 5 to 8, he said.

As well as reviewing and considering the outcome of the Yangon negotiations, the meeting had also discussed ways of strengthening the NCCT, Colonel Khun Okkar told Mizzima.

There would also be discussion about the latest fighting in Kachin State between government forces and the Kachin Independence Army, Colonel Khun Okkar said.

Link: http://mizzima.com/mizzima-news/myanmar/item/11098-unfc-meets-in-thailand-to-discuss-ceasefire-negotiations