Vice Transportation Minister of Myanmar, U Han Sein said in Nanning, Guangxi province on the 15th that the Myanmar government is committed to creating a good environment that attracts foreign investment and is in the process of revising related laws. Therefore, now is a great opportunity to do business with and invest in Myanmar.

The Pan Gulf of Tonkin Economic Cooperation Forum was held on the 15th in Nanning, Guangxi. The Vice Transportation Minister of Myanmar, U Han Sein attended the forum and delivered a speech. He said that China is the largest trading partner of ASEAN and the volume during the first quarter of this year has reached 150 billion USD; the region has increasingly become the center of the world economy; ASEAN countries are strengthening their economic policies to turn into new market economies as well as designing their development strategies to achieve such goals. In today’s globalization, only through enhanced regional cooperation could the countries in the region meet the international challenges of all sorts, counter trade protectionism, achieve economic, trade and human development.

U Han Sein believes that the forum will be conducive to economic development between China and ASEAN, is in line with globalization and regional integration and is beneficial to the long-term interests of countries in the region. Cooperation within the forum will deepen China’s relationship with ASEAN and strengthen the future sub-regional cooperation. The Maritime Economic Cooperation Center of the Forum covers broad areas and enjoys great potentials and therefore will enhance economic ties between China and ASEAN countries.

He pointed out that Myanmar is a member of ASEAN and an active participant in sub-regional cooperation. Myanmar is connected to China by mountains and rivers and is dedicated to deepening cooperation with China. Bilateral cooperation on different levels and areas has been strengthened and brought great economic benefit .China is the largest foreign investor in Myanmar. Myanmar also has strengthened China’s economic relations with other ASEAN states.