The Union Election Commission is planning to introduce a by-law that will allow publishing the names of voters who have participated in early or ‘pre-poll’ voting.

Director of the UEC, U Thaung Hlaing told Mizzima on June 23, the organisation is considering displaying in a prominent and public place, the names of all voters who have cast their ballots in advance of polling day.

“We are considering how, within the present legal framework, we might make it easier for observers,” said U Thaung Hlaing.

He said publishing the lists of pre-voters at relevant polling booths or commission branch offices could avoid fraud and confusion.

Salai Nge Pi, a secretary of the Chin National Democratic Party, was positive about the move but said he believed there were more important issues to tackle.

“Reporting who has pre-voted is a good move but it is more important to ensure voters can independently cast their ballot during the early voting period,” Salai Nge Pi said.

The commission aims to enact the by-law by the end of this month.